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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Led by Founder Marnie Poiner, we are here to help your peach get peachier.

Peaches are cute, they’re sweet and healthy. Peach trees are hardy plants & they flower into amazing fruits when you dedicate time to their growth and let them root themselves into their environment.

Pelvic floor health and happiness is what we strive for with all patients. Not just looking at the fruit but looking at the whole tree, and helping you figure out the best environment to grow and bloom in.


Years of experience


Passionate Physios

Empowering YOU:

Taking the Awkward out of it

From feeling like your bladder controls your social life, to persistent pelvic pain – there are numerous symptoms people suffer from daily: that are absolutely treatable – by us!

Our Approach is Education First:

Absolutely Always.

While the number of treatment options we can offer are flexible & abundant, our #1 priority is always educating YOU about you! Let’s dive into the ‘taboo’ topics, and empower you to know your fruitful body better than ever.

We Help ALL Pelvic Conditions!

(Not Just Pregnancy)

Pelvic health goes beyond the uterus! All people (yes, everyone has a pelvic floor!) can experience pelvic health issues. From constipation, to bladder conditions, to menopause, to painful sex – we are qualified & ready to help!


Wide Range of Treatments & Tools!

Your body, your health & your happiness are our first & foremost priority. Whatever your goals may be - we are confident that through our treatment options & referral network we will be able to get you there! We can help with assessing your pelvic floor, educating you with what's 'really going on' and give you management techniques to help - and we can also work collaboratively with your gynaecologist, GP, psychologist, partner and little ones to create the best outcome for you!

Offers Online Consults
Appointments Available!


There’s lots of good reasons for you to see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist! As practitioners, we specialise in the pelvis and how the pelvic floor links to the whole body.

The pelvic floor is an internal body structure and can be very difficult for us to perceive, but can be the source of a lot of dysfunction in our body. Being able to see a specialist who can investigate the internal structures can be really helpful in discovering what might be going wrong, and causing you the symptoms that you’re struggling with.


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