Online Consultations

Call it what you like, Telehealth / Online Consultations / Facetime Your Physio! Online Consultations hold benefit to a variety of people! Regardless of where you are, and/or how crazy your day to day life might be, please know there is 100% a way we can work around it!

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth, or as I like to call it – Online Consultations – are appointments where the client (you!) and the physiotherapist (me!) are simultaneously present during the consultation and have synchronous audio-visual communication but are not co-located.

Basically, your facetiming your physio!

Online Consultations are a great way that the community can access health care in these uncertain times, but it can also be a valid way to receive treatment when the world isn’t in the midst of a pandemic as well.

Why Online Consults Might Be For You?

Think about all the times you were rushing to leave the house and your baby wouldn’t stop crying and your toddler kept taking their shoes off while wearing their undies on their head. How nice would it be to just jump on the computer for half an hour to talk to someone and figure out how best to achieve your goals?

Or if you live somewhere where it’s difficult to access healthcare. That doesn’t exempt you from pelvic floor issues, but it does make it harder to get help. Online consultations can be really valuable in lots of situations. It’s just taken a pandemic to get everyone on board with them!

Get to Know Us!

We understand jumping on video with a stranger can be daunting...

Answers to Your Questions

Believe It or Not, Telehealth Can Be Just as Effective as if You Were in the Room!

Is our Session Secure?

Yes, we use a secured platform for our online consultations called Physitrack.
And of course, all things you share with us are confidential and treated with the highest level of privacy possible.

Do Telehealth Consults Include Assessments?

Self-assessment will play a huge role in our consultation, whether it’s during (if you’re comfortable) or afterwards using my guidance, so we can get the most accurate picture of what is going on.

How Much Internet Data Will I Use?

To give you an idea, our video consultation uses less than half of the data you would use while watching a YouTube video in High Definition. That’s about 690MB on a mobile device & 1350MB on a PC for a 1-hour call.

Will I Have to Show my Intimate Areas to You On Call?

You can if you’d like to! Of course, not everyone will be comfortable with this, and that is more than fine – photos are also welcome. But, if you’d like to show me something or you feel that it would help with my assessment to see, I am very happy to look!

Do you Welcome International Clients Online?

Unfortunately for insurance purposes you must be located in Australia.

Where Do I Do My Session From?

Just a quiet place in your house! And, wherever you feel most comfortable of course.

Is Any Special Equipment Required?

Generally no – we can work with whatever you have! However, bring any exercise equipment you may use at home.

Can Telehealth Sessions be Claimed through Private Health?

As of April 2020, we can offer private health rebates and Medicare funded treatment with a doctor’s referral.

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